New Image: John Whitton Bridge

New Image: John Whitton Bridge

The John Whitton Bridge carries the Main Northern railway line across the Parramatta River between the Sydney suburbs of Rhodes and Meadowbank. This image was taken early in June (cold). I had been wanting to capture a fog-filled image of the walkway/cycle way.

The recent installation of lighting really adds to this image. I have previous early morning images of this bridge pre-lighting and the bridge certainly doesn’t ‘sparkle’ like it does in this.

The star-shaped lights are due to the lens and aperture used. A smaller aperture and the number of aperture elements contributes to the development of the star look in the lights.

This one was shot with an aperture of f/9 which seems to be a pretty sharp aperture for this lens (Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II). The slightly low perspective also helps to add some drama and seems to increase the length of the bridge as it disappears into the distance.  B&W as I wanted the image to ‘feel’ cold. 

Canon 6D, 24mm (24-70) f.9.0, 8 sec, 0EV

© Bronwyn Bell 2019