New Image: Palazzo Dei Congressi

New Image: Palazzo Dei Congressi


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Palazzo Dei Congressi

About half an hour outside of Rome, Italy is an interesting architectural suburb: E.U.R. Esposizione Universale Roma. This area started in the 1930’s as an area for the World Fair and was planned by architect Marcello Piacentini. The architecture was meant to represent a modern version of ancient Rome. Benito Mussolini planned to use the area as a celebration of fascism. Due to World War 2, the World Fair never happened and construction stopped in 1942.

E.U.R was near completion for the 1960’s Rome Olympics. Today it is a business district with several museums and cafes.


Visit one of the museums to see the inside of these buildings. Wall to wall marble and very grand staircases, massive columns, and wide balconies. I visited the history of civilisation museum. Not so much for the artefacts but to have a look through the building. Interestingly, I was followed (at a distance) throughout the entire museum by one of the museum ushers. Don’t know why, maybe worried I was going to touch something.

The museum is a bit dated in terms of its presentation, probably catering to mostly school groups. Seeing the inside of one of these buildings was of interest to me. 


This particular image is of the Palazzo Dei Congressi. It is one of the few buildings in the area in which you can get a clear shot. Many of the buildings are surrounded by cars or fencing. One of the most famous buildings, square Colosseum”, known in Italian as the Palazzo della Civiltà di Lavoro (Palace of the civilisation of Labor) is surrounded by heavy duty fencing. I believe it now houses defence force offices, hence the increased security. I was not convinced I should be taking photos of the building so went to somewhere less guarded and found the Palazzo instead at the opposite end of the road.

Canon 6D, Canon TS-E24 f/3.5L II.