One last look

One last look

Beautiful golden light and fog sunrise in rural New South Wales

A single park bench bathed in warm golden sunlight through the fog


Landscape photography and capturing a great image at the last moment.

Good light can creep up and appear, making for unique images. This image is one of those captured upon leaving. I heard a saying in photography which I was told many years ago by another photographer (when I was on work experience as a teenager!) to always look and see what is behind you.

I was packed and done for the morning. Cold and in need of coffee, I was ready to get in the car. I had thought I taken all the images I could, running out of ideas and things to photograph. The sun was well up by now and the fog was close to dissipating completely. I turned around for one last look, you know, just in case I missed something (or dropped something – which happens a lot).

There were some bench seats in the park and with a confluence of timing, the sun, the streaks of light, the last remaining fog,  made for something which looked interesting. I fired off a few images (2 in total I think) and thought nothing more of it. Examining my images later, I hovered over the final two image of the morning. Thinking I was about to leave and I actually hesitated about taking these. The images were a little rushed. They were not level, shooting on manual, probably could have used a slightly lower ISO.

The Result

Sometimes it is these images, although having little by way of technical thought and planning, which have the greatest impact. The story or the visual nature of the image is what initially caught my attention and that instinctive reaction to just shoot what I thought looked right.

Second guessing ourselves and perhaps trying to be overly technical can get in the way of an image that already resonates with you. I don’t know why I was so drawn to capture this scene, after all it’s just a park bench in the morning sun. 


Settings: Canon 6D, Canon 100mm f/2.8 L Macro, 1/320 sec @f/13, ISO1000



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