New Image: Bateman’s Bay Sunrise

I had a recent trip down the South Coast for a bit of relaxation and exploration. The NSW South Coast is full of dramatic seascapes. Knowing where to go is key. The rugged coastline runs from Kiama and continues through to the Victorian Border. Not all of the coastline is volcanic and rugged. The South Coast of NSW is also well-known for incredibly clear water and beaches. There are plenty of beaches here, and even more secluded ones which can take a bit of exploration to find.

This is a new sunrise image available for sale. My trip down the south coast was marred by a very unstable weather system which saw many afternoon and evening storms. Many of these storms were severe. This means at times, there was rain and cloud too thick for a decent sunrise or sunset. This morning was no exception. The sky lit up only briefly this morning. It was a morning of drizzle, a little bit of wind, and the sky closing in not long after this image was taken.

Staking out the beaches

Not one to be deterred, I had staked out this beach and several others the afternoon before (in better weather). I decided not to let that time go to waste. There are certainly some interesting features and potential for a sunrise image here with rock pool allowing for reflections, plenty of seaweed for some added greenery. Additionally at low tide and with a low swell, it is a reasonably safe beach. (Always thinking about safety before stepping out onto the sand, particularly in the dark!).

I donned my headlamp, gear, and off I went. Moving along towards the northern end of the beach would allow me to capture the sun in the east. To ensure I was correct, I use the IOS app Photographer’s Ephemeris to point the camera in the right direction.

Rock formations galore

Stopping at a few places along the way, I found plenty of rock formations on this beach. This image was the last place I stopped and is about the furthest to the north you can travel with safety. I had to move move quick as this light change fast, and unusually for me, I only managed to capture relatively few images compared to most mornings when I’m out. However, I got the ones I needed.

Time for coffee

Then the rain set in. I don’t like getting camera gear wet, so I packed away my gear quickly and headed for the nearest cafe. Another feature of this trip was the huge amount of ozone and sea fog. This was the only morning I managed to get out as the sea mist was so bad on the other mornings (I could sense the corrosion on my camera gear happening in real time). Visibility was also very low most mornings too. Happy with this one.