Tumut Turf Club Sunrise

Tumut Turf Club Sunrise

I originally set out this morning to take photographs of one of the bridges in Tumut. The valley is thick with fog this time of year so a wooden bridge in sunrise and fog would look nice. However, the fog was so thick it was proving difficult to drive in it. Additionally, the bridge is set quite low and surrounded by trees, so maybe I was not going to get the light I was after. 

I decided to turn around and go back into town and towards the Tumut Turf Club. I was here the day before and the track is surrounded by trees which still had plenty of foliage in gorgeous yellow autumn colours. There was also plenty of autumn foliage as ground cover as well.

fog sunrise tumult turf club

Beautiful fog-filled sunrise of Tumut Turf club available as fine art photographic print

The Vision

The fog was still very thick and made for a good ‘empty’ backdrop. I had a ‘minimal’ idea in mind with these two trees either side of the frame and the fence and fog in the middle background. It hadn’t twigged that this was a horse race track and there may be horses out early morning for a run. After a time, I could hear a gentle thud thud thud in the distance. I quickly realised a unique photo opportunity was about to be had. 

I decided to bump my ISO setting a bit to increase shutter speed, as I had been doing quite long exposures. I had the idea of a slightly blurred horse and jockey. I think this idea of speed contrasts well with the very still scene of the trees and fog. This is the image I took. I took several images of the horse entering from he right and exiting the frame form the left. I have a thing about symmetry, so the horse in the middle of the trees really piques my interest.

I prepared and waited for the next pass of the horse, this time with higher shutter and ISO settings in an attempt to get a sharp image of the rider and horse as they passed by. I did get this but at the expense of a high ISO and noise. I had to go to ISO 8000 to get a reasonably fast shutter speed. Not a problem with digital cameras of today, however, I felt that the image was just not the same. I prefer the earlier shot with the contrast of stillness against speed of the rider.

All of this was quite unexpected. Although my original plan was foiled by excessively thick fog, I think the alternative worked out to be a more unique perspective of early morning life in a regional town.


The Settings

Settings: Canon 6D, 16-35mm f/4L IS USM, 1/15sec, f/13, ISO1200.


© Bronwyn Bell 2018


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